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steal stuff and we'll send an extremely hungry hannibal lecter to your address. the skin was coded by vanessa, the step carousel script was by dynamic drive, and the top bar was created by mimmy of rcr. graphics and skin edits by jace here at nemare. post templates provided by akemi, who's who provided by boba fett

In a world in which childhood innocence is fading faster than ever before... some people know that fairytales are real. Nemare Academy for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen is a boarding school where the reincarnations of animated movie characters learn to take their place in the world of princesses and monsters and magic. Before they go out to take the world by storm, they can choose to further their education (both magical and mundane) at the Acinot University, just an island hop away. The Acinot Islands float somewhere in the northern Atlantic, invisible to all but those who know where to look, a safe haven for students from around the world.

Nemare Academy is a relaxed sandbox animation personification roleplay! Please register with your character's first and last name in standard format - e.g. Morgan Scott.


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SUPERJACE Posted on Mar 3 2016, 03:16 PM
reservations and requestsreservationsReservations last for five days, no more. You can re-reserve after your reservation is up. Also, remember to post in CODE tags. If you don't we won't add you, it's as simple as that.JACE has BAGHEERA from THE JUNGLE BOOK reserved until SHE FINISHES HIM BC SHE HAS STAFF IMMUNITYrequestsFLOTSAM from THE LITTLE MERMAID has been requested HEREDIMITRI from ANASTASIA has been requested HERERASPUTIN from ANASTASIA has been requested HERETHE MAD HATTER from ALICE IN WONDERLAND has been requested HERETO RESERVE (remove +):CODE [code+][b]YOUR NAME[/b] has [b]CHARACTER[/b] from [b]MOVIE[/b] reserved until [b]DATE FIVE DAYS FROM NOW[/b][/code+]TO CLAIM (remove +):CODE [code+][color=yearcolour]•[/color] [s]Canon[/s] [b]FULL CHARACTER NAME HERE[/b]<br>[/code+]♥♥♥
KAZAMATRON Posted on Nov 8 2015, 02:49 PM
R through Zrango • Angelique • Bad Bill • Beans • Mayor Marion Lynch • Merrimack • Priscilla • Rango • Roadkill • Sergeant Turley • Spoons • Wounded Bird ratatouille • Alfredo Linguini • Anton Ego • Colette Tatou • Django • Emile • Gusteau • Horst • Lalo • Larousse • Mustafa • Pompidou • Remy • Skinner the rescuers • Bernard • Bianca • Brutus • Evinrude • Madame Medusa • Mr. Snoops • Nero • Orville • Penny • Rufus rio • Blu • Linda • Nico • Tulio • Pedro • Jewel • Rafael • Luiz • Nigel • Eva rise of the guardians • Baby Tooth • E. Aster Bunnymund • Jack Frost • Jamie Bennett • Nicholas St. North • Pitch Black • Sandman • Sophie Bennett • Toothiana the road to el dorado • Altivo • Bibo the Armadillo • Chel • Chief Tannabok • Cortes • Miguel • Tulio • Tzekel-Kan robin hood • Alan-a-Dale • Friar Tuck • King Richard • Little John • Maid Marian • Prince John • Robin Hood • Sheriff of Nottingham • Sir Hiss robots • Aunt Fanny • Bigweld • Cappy • Crank • Fender • Loretta Geargrinder • Lug • Madam Gasket • Piper • Ratchet • Rodney Copperbottom • Wonderbot the secret of nimh • Auntie Shrew • Cynthia • Dragon • Great Owl • Jenner • Jeremy • Justin • Martin • Mr. Ages • Mrs. Brisby • Nicodemus • Sullivan • Teresa • Timothy shark tale • Angie • Bernie • Don Lino • Ernie • Katie Current • Lenny • Lola • Luca • Oscar • Sykes shrek • Donkey • Dragon • Gingerbread Man • Lord Farquaad • Princess Fiona • Shrek • Thelonious sinbad: legend of the seven seas • Dymas • Eris • Jed • Jin • Kale • Li • Luca • Marina • Proteus • Rat • Sinbad sleeping beauty • Fauna • Flora • King Hubert • King Stefan • Maleficent • Merriweather • Prince Phillip • Princess Aurora snow white and the seven dwarfs • Bashful • Doc • Dopey • Evil Queen • Grumpy • Happy • Huntsman • Prince • Sleepy • Sneezy • Snow White MARLENE EVELYN LAUREL spirit: stallion of the cimarron • Colonel • Esperanza • Little Creek • Rain • Spirit • Strider the swan princess • Bromley • Derek • Jean-Bob • King William • Odette • Puffin • Queen Uberta • Rogers • Rothbart • Speed the sword in the stone • Archimedes • Arthur • Madam Mim • Merlin ALISTAIR IAN HARKNESS • Sir Ector • Sir Kay tangled • Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert • Maximus • Mother Gothel • Pascale • Rapunzel RAQUEL VIVIANA BROOKS tarzan • Archimedes Q. Porter • Jane • Kala • Kerchak • Mr. Clayton • Tantor • Tarzan • Terkina thumbelina • Gringo • Grundel • Jacquimo • Mozo • Mr. Beetle • Ms. Fieldmouse • Mrs. Toad • Prince Cornelius • Thumbelina toy story • Andy • Bo Peep • Buzz • Hamm • Mr. Potato Head • Rex • Sergeant • Sid • Slinky Dog • Woody treasure planet • B.E.N. • Captain Amelia • Doctor Doppler • Jim Hawkins • John Silver • Morph • Sarah Hawkins turbo • Angelo Lopez • Bobby • Burn • Chet • Guy Gagné • Kim-Ly • Paz • Skidmark • Smoove Move • Theo/Turbo • Tito Lopez • Whiplash • White Shadow up! • Alpha • Beta • Carl Fredricksen • Charles Muntz • Dug • Ellie Fredricksen • Gamma • Kevin • Russel wall-e• AUTO • Captain McCroa • EVE • GO-4 • Hal (the cockroach)• John• Mary• M-O• PR-T• Shelby Forthright• WALL-E zootopia• Bellwether • Bonnie Hopps• Chief Bogo • Clawhauser • Duke Weaselton• Finnick• Flash • Fru Fru • Gazelle • Gideon Grey • Judy Hopps• Mayor Lionheart• Mr. Big• Mr. Otterton• Mrs. Otterton• Nick Wilde• Priscilla• Stu Hopps• Yax♥♥♥
KAZAMATRON Posted on Nov 8 2015, 02:48 PM
I through Qice age• Carl• Diego• Frank• Manfred • Scrat • Sid TREVOR SIDNEY LANGLOTH • Soto• Zeke the incredibles • Bob Parr• Buddy Pine• Dashell "Dash" Parr• Edna 'E' Mode• Helen Parr• Jack-Jack Parr• Lucius Best• Mirage• Violet Parr inside out • Anger• Bing Bong• Dad• Disgust• Fear• Joy• Mom• Riley• Sadness the jungle book • Akela• Bagheera • Baloo• Colonel Hathi• Junior• Kaa• King Louie• Mowgli • Rama• Shere Khan• Winifred kung fu panda • Crane• Mantis• Monkey• Mr. Ping• Oogway• Po• Shifu• Tai Lung• Tigress• Viper• Zeng lady and the tramp • Am• Darling• Jim Dear• Jock• Lady• Peg• Si• Tramp• Trusty the last unicorn • Amalthea/Unicorn• Butterfly• King Haggard• Molly Grue• Mommy Fortuna• Prince Lir• Schmendrick the lego movie • Benny• Emmet Brickowski• Lord Business • Metal Beard• Princess Unikitty• Vitruvius • Wyldstyle lilo and stitch • Captain Gantu• Cobra Bubbles• David• Jumba• Lilo• Nani• Pleakley• Stitch the lion king • Banzai DENZEL LAVAR LAYTON • Ed EDWARD DARCY DALCA• Mufasa• Nala NATALIE JESSICA FOREMAN • Pumbaa• Rafiki• Sarabi• Sarafina• Scar• Shenzi MORGAN DREW SCOTT • Simba• Timon• Zazu the little mermaid • Adella• Alana• Andrina• Aquata• Ariel • Arista• Attina• Flotsam• Flounder• Jetsam JOSIE EIRENE TSAMKOV• King Triton• Prince Eric• Scuttle• Sebastian• Ursula DOMINIC ALEXANDER URSLER madagascar • Alex• Gloria• King Julian• Kowalski• Marty• Mason• Maurice• Melman• Mort• Private• Rico• Skipper megamind • Megamind• Metroman• Hal Stewart/Titan• Roxanne Ritchie• Minion• Bernard monsters, inc. • Abominable Snowman• Boo• Celia• Henry J. Waternoose• James P. "Sulley" Sullivan• Mike Wazowski• Randall Boggs• Roz monsters vs aliens • B.O.B. • Derek Dietl• Dr. Cockroach, Phd• Gallaxhar• General W.R. Monger• The Missing Link• President Hathaway• Susan/Ginormica mulan • Chien-Po• Cri-Kee• Fa Li• Fa Zhou• Grandmother Fa• Khan• Little Brother• Mulan• Mushu • Shan-Yu• Shang• Yao the nightmare before christmas • Barrel• Dr. Finkelstein• Jack Skellington• Lock• The Mayor• Oogie Boogie• Sally• Santa• Shock oliver & company • Desoto• Dodger• Einstein• Fagin• Francis• Georgette• Jenny• Oliver • Rita• Roscoe• Sykes• Tito• Winston one hundred and one dalmations • Anita Radcliffe• Captain• Colonel• Cruella De Vil• Danny• Duchess• Horace• Jasper• Lucky• Nanny• Patch• Penny• Perdita• Pongo• Princess• Roger Radcliffe• Rolly• Sergeant Tibbs• Towser over the hedge • Bucky• Dwayne• Gladys• Hammy• Heather• Lou• Ozzie• Penny• Quillo• RJ• Spike• Stella• Tiger• Verne• Vincent paranorman • Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast• Alvin• Courtney Babcock• Mitch Downe• Mr. Prenderghast• Neil Downe• Norman Babcock peter pan • Captain Hook• Crocodile • Cubby (bear) • Indian Chief• John Darling• Michael Darling• Mr. Darling• Mrs. Darling• Mr. Smee• Nibs (rabbit) • Peter Pan• [Slightly (fox) • Tiger Lily• Tinkerbell • Tootles (skunk) • Twin 1 (raccoon) • Twin 2 (raccoon) • Wendy WILLOW TYE ELLINGSON pinocchio • Blue Fairy• Cleo• Figaro• Gepetto• Gideon• "Honest John" Worthington Foulfellow• Jiminy Cricket• Lampwick• Monstro• Pinocchio• Stromboli planet 51 • Captain Charles "Chuck" T. Baker• Eckle• General Grawl• Glar• Lem• Neera• Professor Kipple• Skiff• Vernkot• Vesklin planes • Bravo• Bulldog• Chug• Dottie• Dusty Crophopper• Echo• El Chupacabra• Ishani• Ned• Ripslinger• Rochelle• Skipper Riley• Sparky• Zedpocahontas • Chief Powhatan• Flit• Governer Ratcliffe• Grandmother Willow• John Smith• Kocoum• Meeko• Nakoma• Pocahontas • Thomas the princess and the frog • 'Big Daddy' LaBouff • Charlotte LaBouff • Dr. Facilier • Eudora • James • Lawrence • Mama Odie • Prince Naveen • Ray • Tiana quest for camelot • Ayden • Bladebeak • Cornwall • Devon • Garret • Griffin • Juliana • Kayley • Ruber • Sir Lionel ♥♥♥
KAZAMATRON Posted on Nov 8 2015, 02:47 PM
A through Haladdin• Abu• Aladdin• Carpet• Genie• Iago• Jafar• Jasmine• Rajah• Sultanalice in wonderland• Alice ALICIA KATHERINE WOOD• Caterpillar• Cheshire Cat• Dormouse• Mad Hatter• March Hare• Queen of Hearts• Tweedledee• Tweedledum• White Rabbitalpha and omega• Eve• Garth• Humphrey• Kate• Lilly• Marcel• Mooch• Paddy• Shaky• Salty• Tony• Winstonanastasia• Anastasia ARACELI MARIELA RICCI• Bartok• Dimitri• Marie (The Dowager Empress)• Pooka• Rasputin• Sophie• Vladimirantz• Azteca• Barbatus• Chip• General Mandible• Muffy• Princess Bala• Queen• Weaver• Zthe aristocats• Abigail Gabble• Amelia Gabble• Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley• Berlioz• Billy Boss (Russian Cat)• Duchess• Edgar Balthazar• Frou-Frou• Georges Hautecourt• Hit Cat (English Cat)• Lafayette• Madame Adelaide Bonfamille• Marie• Napoleon• Peppo (Italian Cat)• Roquefort• Scat Cat• Shun Gon (Chinese Cat)• Toulouseatlantis: the lost empire• Audrey Rocio Ramirez• Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke• Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet• Fenton Q. Harcourt• Gaetan 'The Mole' Moliere• Helga Katrina Sinclair• Jebidiah Allardyce 'Cookie' Farnsworth• Kidagakash (Princess Kida)• King Kashekim Nedakh• Milo James Thatch• Preston B. Whitmore• Vincenzo 'Vinny' Santorini• Wilhelmina Bertha Packardbambi• Bambi• Bambi's Mother• Bluebelle• Faline• Flower• Great Prince of the Forest• Thumper• Ronnobalto• Balto• Dixie• Jenna• Luk• Muk• Nikki• Star• Steelebeauty and the beast• Armoire the Wardrobe [Madame de la Grande Bouche]• Babette the Featherduster [Fifi]• Beast• Belle• Chip• Cogsworth• Gaston• Lefou• Lumiere• Maurice• Monsieur D'Arque• Mrs. Potts• Philippebig hero 6 • Alistair Krei• Baymax• Cass Hamada • Fred• GoGo• Hiro• Honey Lemon• Professor Robert Callaghan • Tadashi• Wasabibolt• Agent• Bobby• Bolt• Director• Dr. Calico (the Green-Eyed Man)• Joey• Mindy Parker• Mittens• Penny• Rhino• Vinniebrave• Angus• Hamish• Harris• Hubert• King Fergus• Lord Dingwall• Lord MacGuffin• Lord MacIntyre• Merida• Mordu• Queen Elinor• The Witchbrother bear• Denahi• Kenai• Koda• Rutt• Sitka• Tanana• Tukea bug's life• Cornelius• Dim• Dot• Flik• Francis• Gypsy Moth• Heimlich• Hopper• Manny• Molt• P.T. Flea• Princess Atta• Queen• Roll• Rosie• Slim• Tuckcars• Chick Hicks• Doc Hudson• Fillmore• Flo• Guido• Lightning McQueen• Lizzie• Luigi• Mack• Mater• Sarge• Sally Carrera• Sheriff• Ramonechicken run• Babs• Bunty• Edwina• Fowler• Fetcher• Ginger• Mac• Mrs. Tweedy• Mr. Tweedy• Nick• Rocky Rhodes cloudy with a chance of meatballs• 'Baby' Brent• Bobb'e J. Thompson• Earl Devereaux• Flint Lockwood• Fran Lockwood• Joe Towne• Manny• Mayor Shelbourne• Patrick Patrickson• Regina Devereaux• Rufus• Sam Sparks• Steve• Tim Lockwoodcinderella• Anastasia• Bruno• Cinderella• Drizella• Fairy Godmother• Gus• Jaques• Lady Tremaine• Lucifer• Prince Charmingcoraline• April Spink• Beldam• The Cat• Charlie Jones• Coraline Jones• Magic Dragonfly• Miriam Forcible• Mel Jones• Other Bobinsky• Other Father• Other Forcible• Other Mother• Other Spink• Sergei Alexander Bobinsky• Wyborne 'Wybie' Lovatcorpse bride• Barkis Bittern• Black Widow• Bonejangles• Emily (The Corpse Bride)• Maggot• Victor van Dort• Victoria Everglotthe croods• Belt• Chunky• Douglas• Eep• Gran• Grug• Guy• Sandy• Thunk• Uggadespicable me• Agnes• Bob the Minion• Dave the Minion• Dr. Nefario• Edith• Gru• Gru’s Mother• Jerry the Minion• Margo• Miss Hattie• Mr. Perkins• Phil the Minion• Tim the Minion• Vectordinosaur• Aladar• Bruton• Baylene• Eema• Kron• Neera• Plio• Suri• Yar• Zinidumbo• Dumbo (Jumbo Junior)• Jim Crow• Mrs. Jumbo• Mr. Stork• Timothy Q. Mousethe emperor's new groove• Bucky the Squirrel• Chicha• Emperor Kuzco• Kronk• Pacha• Yzmaepic• Bufo• Dagda• Grub• Mandrake• Mary Katherine ("M.K.")• Mub• Nim Galuu• Nod• Ozzy• Professor Bomba• Queen Tara• Roninfantastic mr. fox• Ash• Badger• Beaver• Coach Skip• Dr. Badger• Franklin Bean• Kristofferson Silverfox• Kylie Sven Opossum• Linda Otter• Mr. Fox• Mrs. Fox• Mrs. Bean• Mole• Nathan Bunce• Petey• Rabbit• Rat• Rickity the Field Mouse• Walter Boggis• Weaselfinding nemo• Bloat• Bubbles• Crush• Deb• Dory• Flo• Gill• Gurgle• Jacques• Marlin• Mr. Ray• Nemo• Nigel• Peach• Squirtflushed away• Le Frog• Rita• Roddy• Spike• The Toad• Whiteyfrozen• Anna• Duke of Weselton • Elsa ESTHER ROSE IVANOV• Kristoff• Olaf• Prince Hans• Sventhe fox and the hound• Amos Slade• Badger• Big Mama• Boomer• Chief• Copper• Dinky• Porcupine• Tod• Widow Tweed• Vixeygnomeo and juliet• Benny• Fawn• Featherstone• Gnomeo• Juliet• Lady Bluebury• Lord Redbrick• Nanette• Paris• Tybaltthe good dinosaur• Arlo • Bubbha • Buck • Butch • Coldfront • Downpour • Earl• Forrest Woodbush• Frostbite• Libby • Lurleane• Momma Ida• Nash• Pervis• Poppa Henry• Ramsey • Spot• Thunderclap• Windgustthe great mouse detective• Basil of Baker Street• Dr. David Q. Dawson• Felicia• Fidget• Hiram Flaversham• Miss Kitty Mouse• Mrs. Judson• Olivia Flaversham• Professor Ratigan• Queen Mousetoria• Tobyhercules• Hades• Hera• Hercules• Hermes• Megara• Pain• Panic• Philoctetes• Zeushome• Captain Smek• Gratuity "Tip" Tucci• Kyle• Lucy Tucci• Ohhome on the range• Alameda Slim• Audrey• Buck• Grace• Jeb• Lucky Jack• Maggie• Molly• Mrs. Calloway• Ollie• Patrick• Pearl Gresner• Rico• Rusty• Sheriff Sam Brown• Wesleyhorton hears a who• Angela• Doctor Mary Lou Larue• Horton• Jessica Quilligan• JoJo McDodd• Kangaroo• Katie• Mayor Ned McDodd• Miss Yelp• Mrs. Quilligan• Rudy• Sally O’Malley McDodd• Tommy• Vlad Vladikoffhotel transylvania• Dracula• Eunice• Frankenstein• Griffin• Jonathan• Mavis• Murray• Wanda• Waynehow to train your dragon• Ack• Astrid Hofferson• Deadly Nadder• Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III• Hideous Zippleback• Hoark the Haggard• Fishlegs Ingerman• Gobber the Belch• Monstrous Nightmare• Phlegma the Fierce• Red Death• Ruffnut Thorston• Snotlout Jorgenson• Spitelout Jorgenson• Stoik the Vast• Starkard• Terrible Terror• Toothless• Tuffnut Thorston the hunchback of notre dame• Claude Frollo• Clopin• Esmeralda• Djali• Hugo• Laverne• Phoebus• Quasimodo• Victor♥♥♥
KAZAMATRON Posted on Nov 8 2015, 02:47 PM
the canon listNemare is predicated on your character having the spirit of a character from an animated movie. This means that you have to have one of these lovely canons. If there's a movie or a specific character you'd like to see please PM a staff member and we'll discuss it. Remember that characters are high school students, so they should be age between fourteen and eighteen, unless you are applying for a professor. We would prefer it if genders remain the same, but as long as the two-thirds similarity rule is upheld we are not going to be sticky about it. Oh, and remember to check the list and reservations before you start making your character, in case they are on hold for someone else.Please note that you can only 'claim' your character once you are accepted. Only characters from animated movies from Disney, Dreamworks or those from other companies listed here are allowed. If a character you want is not on the list, PM the admins with a good reason. We reserve the right to reject such proposals, and if we do we will attempt to find an alternate canon for you. Sequels are non-negotiably unavailable.quick breakdownNemare Student - 9f4a90Nemare Staff - 7E4781Acinot Student - 135473Acinot Staff - 11315A* twins• character