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In a world in which childhood innocence is fading faster than ever before... some people know that fairytales are real. Nemare Academy for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen is a boarding school where the reincarnations of animated movie characters learn to take their place in the world of princesses and monsters and magic. Before they go out to take the world by storm, they can choose to further their education (both magical and mundane) at the Acinot University, just an island hop away. The Acinot Islands float somewhere in the northern Atlantic, invisible to all but those who know where to look, a safe haven for students from around the world.

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 BROOKS, Raquel Viviana, 16 | Nemare Sophomore | Rapunzel
Raquel Brooks
 Posted: Apr 24 2016, 05:11 AM
I'm so glad I left my tower.
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Nemare Students

Raquel V. Brooks

Kelly, Kel, Kell, Kells, Nemare Sophomore Dakota Fanning
16 years old Rapunzel Heterosexual

life flows along

with a smile and a song

One thing that is pretty much impossible to miss about Raquel is just how sweet she is. She's got a kind heart to her and she's more than willing to be friends with someone shortly after meeting them. She just can't help it. She wants to trust people and get along with everyone. This leads to her being kind and caring towards those around her. Unfortunatly she also can be a bit too willing to trust and due to her upbringing she is rather naive and that paired with her trusting nature means she could be taken advantage of.

With this, Kelly has a determined, almost stubborn, streak in her. When she sets her mind to something you can bet she is going to work at accomplishing that goal. She's not the type to give up on things, though she isn't always the most blut about them. At times she will go for things and work hard for what she's after, but then there are times she knows she needs to back down and try a different approach or let things be for a little before she can try again, but even still it's not about giving up its about knowing how to fight her battles.

Kelly is also incredibly trustworthy. If she says something or agrees to something, then she is most likely going to stick to her guns on it. It's not typically on her radar to break her word and go back on her word, especially if she actually promises something. There are rare instances, but they are generally justifiable, at least in her mind, and not done out of malice. Becuase of this she is also a very loyal friend. She's not out for betrayal of any kind and she will stand by her friends when they need her. Of course if she's managed to pick the wrong friends then that could land her in trouble, but she's not keen on betrayal and because she would never do that, for someone to do it to her would result in a quick severing of a friendship.


    ~ Painting and art in general
    ~ Cooking and baking
    ~ Being organized {no messy rooms for her}
    ~ Sweets
    ~ Being active
    ~ Having freedom

    ~ Being underestimated
    ~ Being forced to stay inside or in one spot
    ~ Big bugs {mostly cause she doesnt want them on her}
    ~ Snakes
    ~ Having her hair short

    ~ Kind
    ~ Creative
    ~ Organization and cleaning
    ~ Trustworthy

    ~ Trusting
    ~ Naive
    ~ Science
    ~ Math

    ~ Snakes
    ~ Ending up stuck back on her mother's farm forever

    ~ She's worried that if she goes home, especially once she's done with school, her mother won't let her leave again. And she's loving the outside world too much to go back to that.

    ~ Chews on her lower lip when nervous
    ~ Draws out of boredom {especially when she doesnt have access to painting supplies}
    ~ Hums to herself sometimes

Laura Ann Brooks, Mother, 44
George Harrison Brooks, Father, Deceaced

Raquel was born to Laura and George Brooks, who owned a large farm in the country side near Bath, England. The beginning of her life was as most would expect it to be. She was taught to walk and talk just like any normal child. When she was three, her father went into town to get some supplies but never returned. After a few days of hearing nothing from him, Laura went to the police to report him as missing. The next day they found him dead not too far from the road in a ditch with evidence he had been mugged. Laura was devastated and determined to keep anything from happening to her darling baby.

As Kelly grew, her mother told her that the world was a cruel and dangerous place and that she needed to stay on the farm where it was safe. She was even homeschooled, though Kelly didn't really care all that much. She didn't remember her father and she hadn't ever left the farm to her knowledge so she didn't have anything to base her experiences off of. She did wonder about what life would be like off the farm and sometimes she asked to go into town. She was generally met with scholding, but eventually it payed off becuase he mother finally relented and took her into town for the first time on her eighth birthday. Kelly was so excited and she wandered around with her mother beaming the entire day. And from then on every year around her birthday she was taken into the city, and if she was good sometimes her mother would take her on other special occasions too, and while she never disobeyed and left the farm with out her mother, though it was never enough for Kelly, much to her mother's dismay.

When Kelly was fourteen their farm was visited by some men from a boarding school. Kelly was excited with the idea of an actual school she could go to, and eargly decided she wanted to go. Laura, however, was against it and arguse she needed to keep her only child safe. After some convincing, mostly involving a discussion on Kelly havingt he spirit of Rapunzel within her, it was agreed that the Fall after she turned fifteen, Kelly would attend Nemare academy. When it came time for her to go she was sad to leave her mother and the only home she had ever known, but she was so excited. Then once she was there she descovered her magical hair and made sure her hair was always long enough for her to make proper use of the healing properties. Now she is in her sophomore year at Nemare she she couldn't be happier.

Raquel has long, straight pale blond hair. It flows down to the small of her back unless she pins it up. Though she enjoys leaving it alone and letting it fall naturally to framing her face, it is most certainly not uncomment to see her hair up in a variety of ways. The orbs in her face that can only be called her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue that she loves. She is a bit short standing at 5'4, just shy of average, and really she doesn't mind it. She has herself a nice figure with the hourglass and everything and while she doesn't flaunt it, she wears clothes that fit her well and often times show her figure. She, at times, as an air of childishness about her that is often accentuated by her wide eyes which often make people underestimate her. She also has a fair complexion but she thankfully doesn't burn easily in the sun. All in all she is a young beauty some might think with the pale features and bright eyes.

Raquel doesn't exactly have a set in stone style... She has pretty much been a sheltered girl her whole life and didn't have the chance to see what other girls around her age wore to base a style of her own on, though her first year at Nemare offerd her some exposure. But her clothes are modest in a way. She is often found in clothes that complement her body while still being modest and not sowing anything off to anyone as well. Comfortable clothes that aren't very baggy or too tight. And brighter colors are a favorite of hers as well.

all the people

go for broke and sing

Raquel's hair glows when she sings. Only when she sings the healing incantation that her spirit must sing though. Kelly didn't know this until she came to Nemare though, and she has since also worked out that her hair can heal just like Rapunzel's can. She also knows that Rapunzel's tears can heal, but she hasn't worked out if hers do or not since she hasn't had the oportunity to cry on someones wounds. Though, it turns out her tears can heal, even if she doesn't know it yet.

faith and trust

and a little bit of pixie dust

    • SHELTERED ~ Kelly grew up on a farm in the country side of Bath, England. She wasn't allowed to leave because her mother refused to let her leave saying it was too dangerous out there. She only left with ehr mother's company a few times a year, generally for her birthday and around Christmas time. Rapunzel was stuck in the tower in the middle of nowhere because her mother wouldn't let her leave to protect her and, of course, to use her magical hair.

    • LONGING FOR FREEDOM ~ Kelly wants to see the world beyond the fences of her mother's farm. She did get what she wanted thanks to her few outings into the city, but it was never enough and she longed for more. Likewise, Rapunzel wanted nothing more than to see the lights but she couldn't leave the tower because of her mother.

    • TEMPRAMENT ~ There are some personality traits that Raquel just so happens to shre with her spirit. One notable one is their trusting nature. Kelly has a very trusting soul and she would love to be friends with just about anyone. Likewise, Rapunzel, while a bit wary at first, very quickly decides to trust Flynn after having just met him. Both girls are also quite deturmined and stubborn. Kelly doesn't like giving in and works at her goals, notably in managing to convince her mother to take her into the city by asking frequently over a span of time. Rapunzel also is quite deturmined and argues with her mother as well over leaving the tower, but, like Kelly would, backs down when things get a bit heated just to ask again later. Rapunzel also assertivly demands Flynn take her to see the lights and doesn't give up until he agrees to take her.

    • HOBBIES ~ It is worth pointing out that in the movie, Rapunzel proves to be an amazing artist, having a particular fondness for painting, and that she likes to bake. Kells also loves art, and has a strong pull towards painting just like her spirit, and she really likes to cook and bake.


about you

i wanna know, can you show me?

Allo! Tis Rose! Back again with my third charrie!! I'm pretty sure just about everything is covered in Ara and Alice's apps but hey recap! I've been RPing for eight years and I was on the last version of Nemare. I'm friendly and nice and I love to plot! Please feel free to attack my newest baby here ((and of course the other two)) with ALLL the plots ^.^

roleplay sample

For a role play sample, please see Miss Araceli Ricci's application.

Rose. 20. Pacific Time Zone.

 Posted: Jul 20 2016, 01:02 PM
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I am delighted to finally be able to say welcome back, Kelly! Thank you for being so patient with us, Rose. Don't forget to make your claims and stuff, you know the drill ;P

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