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steal stuff and we'll send an extremely hungry hannibal lecter to your address. the skin was coded by vanessa, the step carousel script was by dynamic drive, and the top bar was created by mimmy of rcr. graphics and skin edits by jace here at nemare. post templates provided by akemi, who's who provided by boba fett

In a world in which childhood innocence is fading faster than ever before... some people know that fairytales are real. Nemare Academy for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen is a boarding school where the reincarnations of animated movie characters learn to take their place in the world of princesses and monsters and magic. Before they go out to take the world by storm, they can choose to further their education (both magical and mundane) at the Acinot University, just an island hop away. The Acinot Islands float somewhere in the northern Atlantic, invisible to all but those who know where to look, a safe haven for students from around the world.

Nemare Academy is a relaxed sandbox animation personification roleplay! Please register with your character's first and last name in standard format - e.g. Morgan Scott.


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KAZAMATRON Posted on Nov 8 2015, 02:50 PM
the face claimThis is where we keep the face of your character. *insert creepy music here* Post in code, as always. If your character is a twin of another (and has the same face) please point that out in your post. Do not claim a play-by until your character has been accepted.a b c d eBROWNING, emily :: ARACELI MARIELA RICCICAPALDI, peter :: ALISTAIR IAN HARKNESSEISLEY, india :: MARLENE EVELYN LAURELf g h i jFANNING, dakota :: RAQUEL VIVIANA BROOKSHAYES, hunter :: TREVOR SIDNEY LANGLOTHHILL, taylor marie :: WILLOW TYE ELLINGSONk l m n oKAMPOURiS, elena :: ESTHER ROSE IVANOVO'SHAUGNESSY, dudley :: EDWARD DARCY DALCAp q r s tQUAINTANCE, james :: DOMINIC ALEXANDER URSLERREN, alexis :: NATALIE JESSICA FOREMANROBERTSON, britt :: ALICIA KATHERINE WOODSTEWART, kristen :: JOSIE EIRENE TSAMKOV u v w x y zWHITE, cykeem :: DENZEL LAVAR LAYTONWILSON, raeen roes :: MORGAN DREW SCOTTCODE [code+][color=deeppink/steelblue/purple][b]LAST, first[/b][/color] ::  FIRST MIDDLE LAST<br>[/code+]♥♥♥