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steal stuff and we'll send an extremely hungry hannibal lecter to your address. the skin was coded by vanessa, the step carousel script was by dynamic drive, and the top bar was created by mimmy of rcr. graphics and skin edits by jace here at nemare. post templates provided by akemi, who's who provided by boba fett

In a world in which childhood innocence is fading faster than ever before... some people know that fairytales are real. Nemare Academy for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen is a boarding school where the reincarnations of animated movie characters learn to take their place in the world of princesses and monsters and magic. Before they go out to take the world by storm, they can choose to further their education (both magical and mundane) at the Acinot University, just an island hop away. The Acinot Islands float somewhere in the northern Atlantic, invisible to all but those who know where to look, a safe haven for students from around the world.

Nemare Academy is a relaxed sandbox animation personification roleplay! Please register with your character's first and last name in standard format - e.g. Morgan Scott.


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 the trouble trio, HYENAS ASSEMBLE!
Morgan Scott
 Posted: Aug 24 2016, 08:45 AM
who needs a king?
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Nemare Students

The castle in which Nemare Academy was located had obviously been decorated by someone with an eye for beautiful things and lots of money to back it up. Unfortunately for them, they then turned the property over to a bunch of teenagers, most of whom wouldn’t know antique mahogany if it spit in their eye. More unfortunately, it was also currently home to Morgan Scott – more specifically, to her big army boots. Tracking mud all the way down the hallways probably wouldn’t endear her to the school staff at any institution in the world, but the average school also didn’t have to contend with the boots tracking damp forest leaves into the carpets and scuffing the furnishings. Even the table tops weren’t safe.

Take right now for instance. Morgan was standing in the middle of the dining hall on one of the long wooden tables that stretched the length of the hall. Her boots were planted on the bare wood with absolutely no concern for the effect the collective ooze of whatever she’d stepped in that day might have on it. Who cared, anyway? That was what magic was for. The senior liked being in places that she wasn’t supposed to be, and on top of a table was as good as any. Besides, it meant that she was the tallest person in the room, which was nice for a change. She never let her height stop her from doing anything (it wasn’t as though she were freakishly short or anything), but it was still nice to look down on people for a change.

"What’s taking so long?" she barked, turning around and putting her hands on her hips. The question was directed to her two best friends, Ed and Denny, who were bringing up the rear as per usual. "I’m hungry." This statement was much like saying the sky was blue; Morgan and her pack were pretty much always hungry. The three of them had actually come down to the dining hall to raid the school’s ever-present food supplies. It was a good thing that there were snacks available throughout the day, because otherwise they would have had to storm the kitchens every time they wanted something to eat, which was all the time. Leaping off the table as lightly as she had vaulted on to it, Morgan reached up to smack their heads with her palms. "You’re it," she said with a grin, and then bolted down the aisle towards the buffet tables.
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